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There is a subtext to this page. I hope it’s not too subtle. If you’ve already read Locus, it shouldn’t be. You’ve already met Sorrow, after all.

So that’s it for Silk & Honey Year One! I hope you’re enjoying the movie so far. Now that everything’s established, we can get weird. And we will for Chapter Two, which will be the last chapter of SNH. It will run for another year and another 52 pages, and then we’ll move on to the next story.

Stop by next week for the cover to Chapter Two! You will dig it, I promise. Stop by if only to see Silk’s new threads. I will also show you some bonus art the following day, so there will be two updates next week.

See you then!


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Congratulations to David Nuttall for correctly guessing Hampstead’s third critter!

This is indeed a sphinx. I wanted to introduce her back when I was drawing Locus, but there never was a good spot (script-wise) to put her. So she got rewritten as one of Hampstead’s 19th century servants. Stay tuned!

Final TPB Update!

They’re all shipped! Finally! Thanks to everyone who ordered, and thanks (yet again) for your patience. If you don’t have yours yet, let me know!

And if your name is Morganne and you live in Indiana, you should email me right away! Yours got returned to me. I emailed you about it, but haven’t received a reply yet. Let me know where else you want this shipped!

Stop by next week! It’s the very last page of Chapter One, and also marks the one-year anniversary of Silk & Honey!

There will be bonus artwork, and there will also be Locus-related updates.


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And there she is! The one Spook was talking about when he said there was only one critter whose nose he was worried about. Stop by next week and check her out!

TPB Update:

Ugh. The card for my business account expired last week, and the bank hasn’t sent a new one yet. They say I’ll get it by this Friday. If that’s the case, I’ll finally be shipping out the rest of the TPBs! If it isn’t one thing, it’s another. Sorry for the wait.


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Locus readers will know already that, once you die, you end up in the Realms of the Dead. And once you’re there, you can’t be brought back…at least not in the way Hampstead is trying to bring the Watchmaker back.

(Necromancy is complicated)

Locus readers will also know that Sorrow is the name of the woman in panel 3. And, just as she did in Locus, she’ll be earning her name here, too. Stay tuned!


All US orders are shipped! Many (but not nearly all) international orders have shipped, too. There’s a kiosk at my post office that I can use to ship these things, but I can’t use it for international addresses. So I’m shipping them on Saturdays as I get time. Should be done soon. Thanks, as always, for your patience.

And once those are all shipped out, I will be getting back to the business of creating more TPBs which you can order from Indyplanet. They’re much better at shipping than I am, and I’ll be selling through them from now on.

Soon as I get the time, I’ll be setting up a store here, where you can order TPBs and other stuff. I’ll let you know when that’s ready!


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Hampstead’s lookin’ for clues, as only Hampstead can.

TPB Update!

As of this writing (three days ago) all US orders have been mailed. You will get them this week…some of you probably already have them in hand. If yours has arrived, please let me know by leaving a comment below!

International orders will be shipped this week. Thanks again and again for your patience!

Stop by next week! We’ve only got four more pages before Chapter One is over.


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As of this writing, I am BUSY AS HELL. Ridiculously busy. I almost didn’t make this deadline. In fact, I inked this page in about 90 minutes, so if panel 2 makes no sense, I apologize.

In panel 2, the camera zooms in and we see the three critters Hampstead’s carting around in his covered wagon. Two of these critters we’ve seen before (one we know by name), but the one in the cage is brand new. Stay tuned!

TPB Update:

This Saturday, I swear. I will be shipping out (at the least) all the US orders. I wanna ship out the international orders, too, but that might be too much for the local post office. They’re not a friendly or cooperative bunch down there, so I may have to do this in batches. We’ll see.

Sorry again for the wait! Wait’s almost over!

Gotta get back to the BUSY now. I’ll answer comments later today or tomorrow! Thanks again for reading!


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Ah, Hampstead. Always late to the party. He didn’t really show up to talk to Locus till Issue 11! He did, however, make Isaac’s life crazy as early as Issue 5.

Well, this is page 46, which means it’s also week 46…which means it took over 10 months for Hampstead to show up for a scene in this movie.

But now that he’s here, Silk & Spook better watch out!

TPB update!!!!!!

The customs forms finally arrived! I’m filling them out this week. Which means I’m one step closer to mailing these things finally! Jeez. You’re the worst at mailing custom comics, Adam Black! It’s almost as if you’ve never done this before! You suck. hahaha

In all seriousness: expect an email sometime today if you’re one of the nice people who are STILL WAITING FOR COMICS. I will explain things in depth.

For the rest of you: stop by next week! It’s time for HAMPSTEAAAAAAAAAAAADDDD!


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He’s right, you know: the Arizona sun will burn the hell out of you! Especially if you’re a topless succubus with fair skin.

Spook’s not real fond of the sun, either. Probably because his world has no sun.

So is she gonna run away again? I hope not. That would be monotonous. So what’s Silk going to do?

You should stop by next week and see!

Trade Paperback 1 Limited Edition Update:

All sketches are done! All comics are packed up and ready to ship! As of this writing (Sunday the 24th), I’m still waiting on Customs Forms from the Post Office. I’m expecting those this week. Once I get them, I should be able to start shipping comics! Thanks again for your patience. This is my very first big Mass Mailing/Comic Promotion, and it’s taking a little longer than I expected. But I’ve learned plenty of important lessons so far. Next time should be quicker and easier!


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Oh no! The Curse!

The what?!?

Yes, The Curse. It’s something I never got the chance to talk about when I was making Locus, because that comic wasn’t about Silk. It was about Locus. (obviously)

This comic, however, is about Silk and Spook, so we’ll be dipping a little deeper into Ca’Cubic (and O’Kot’Tu) society and folklore. Some of it might seem familiar. I hope you dig it. Stay tuned!

And thanks again to everyone who ordered the limited edition of Locus TPB 1! I’m still cranking out sketches–running a little behind on that, due to other art obligations. But I should have ’em done and shipped off by the end of this week! Over half of them are done, and the other half should go quicker. There’s a trick to drawing on a 3D grid without getting a headache, apparently. Took me a little while to figure that out. hahaha

(drawing on the 3D grid while wearing the 3D glasses just makes it worse, by the way!)

At any rate: stop by next week! We’ve got one more page of dream sequence to go.