Oh no! The Curse!

The what?!?

Yes, The Curse. It’s something I never got the chance to talk about when I was making Locus, because that comic wasn’t about Silk. It was about Locus. (obviously)

This comic, however, is about Silk and Spook, so we’ll be dipping a little deeper into Ca’Cubic (and O’Kot’Tu) society and folklore. Some of it might seem familiar. I hope you dig it. Stay tuned!

And thanks again to everyone who ordered the limited edition of Locus TPB 1! I’m still cranking out sketches–running a little behind on that, due to other art obligations. But I should have ’em done and shipped off by the end of this week! Over half of them are done, and the other half should go quicker. There’s a trick to drawing on a 3D grid without getting a headache, apparently. Took me a little while to figure that out. hahaha

(drawing on the 3D grid while wearing the 3D glasses just makes it worse, by the way!)

At any rate: stop by next week! We’ve got one more page of dream sequence to go.