Thanks again for reading Silk & Honey! Now it’s time for Locus: Godslayer!

LG is a subscription-only comic, unlike everything I’ve done so far. People kept saying to me, “why are you still giving your comics away for free?” and I didn’t have an answer for them. Because they’re right.  With all the Kickstarting and crowdfunding and Patreoning going on nowadays, I had no reason to keep doing things the way I’d been doing them.

So I looked into Patreon, but they’ve got some weirdness going on for anything flagged NSFW, which is a label LG will definitely get stuck with over there. Two days ago, the founders of Patreon had a video chat with anyone with a Patreon account. I have one, so I stopped in to hear what was going on. I joined up at the exact moment they were admitting a number of problems with content tagged NSFW. Then they promised they’d make that their top priority in the future. Lots of “ums” and “ers” and repeated promises to look into it seriously.

I have nothing against Patreon. I wish them the best. But I’m never putting Locus through that again. Ever.

I’m told that NSFW artists keep the NSFW behind the Patron paywall, which essentially makes it a subscription service that Patreon takes 5% of.

Which is okay…but…

Then one day Vic tells me, “I can make you a site that will do everything a Patreon site will do.”

And he did! And I hope you check it out.

See, I’ve gotten a lot of emails (and especially comments from donators) from Locus Year Three on through Silk & Honey asking me if there was another way they could help fund current and future comics, and this gorgeous site Vic put together is the way to do that.

Give it a look! Let me know what you think.

And thanks again for reading my Cowboys & Monsters comic!