Welcome to Year Two of Silk & Honey! This is also Chapter 2 (as you can see), and will be the last chapter of this particular story. That means one more year of SNH before we’re done here.

Going back to the first page and re-reading the blog post I made there…hmmm.

I mentioned a lot of crossovers. None of them got made. I think last year was busy for everyone, myself included. Real Life and Day Jobs and all that jazz…it’s got a way of getting in the way of comic-makin’.

I was going to have Slip and/or Locus: Godslayer at least started by now, too, but both comics are still in script form. I was going to start with Slip, but that one takes place 20 years after Locus, and there were so many things that happened in that 20-year time span that I decided to put Slip on hold and start up on Godslayer (or LG for short).

As of this writing (May 13), I’m still working on the script for LG. It’s a good script so far, but I gotta write it in a way to where I don’t lose any new readers. I’ve got to write it so readers don’t have to read through 20 issues of Locus unless they want to, and that’s a challenge.

Also: I’m just about done making Trade Paperbacks of all 20 issues of Locus. They’ll be collected in 7 TPBs, which will be for sale on Indyplanet.com.

Hmm…what else? I’m finishing up the last of my commissions this summer, so if you’ve been waiting on artwork, you won’t have much longer to wait.

Anything I’m forgetting? Leave a comment and I’ll answer best I can!

Oh yeah: I almost forgot! Stop by tomorrow for bonus artwork! And stop by next week for the first page of Chapter 2! Let’s get back to Spook and Silk and see what they’re up to.