Congratulations to David Nuttall for correctly guessing Hampstead’s third critter!

This is indeed a sphinx. I wanted to introduce her back when I was drawing Locus, but there never was a good spot (script-wise) to put her. So she got rewritten as one of Hampstead’s 19th century servants. Stay tuned!

Final TPB Update!

They’re all shipped! Finally! Thanks to everyone who ordered, and thanks (yet again) for your patience. If you don’t have yours yet, let me know!

And if your name is Morganne and you live in Indiana, you should email me right away! Yours got returned to me. I emailed you about it, but haven’t received a reply yet. Let me know where else you want this shipped!

Stop by next week! It’s the very last page of Chapter One, and also marks the one-year anniversary of Silk & Honey!

There will be bonus artwork, and there will also be Locus-related updates.