Welcome to Silk & Honey!

This is a comic about some characters I introduced in Locus, but you don’t need to read that to understand this. If you get bored, though, give it a look!

However, I’m gonna assume that most of you have already read that already and are here for the new stuff. Which is technically the old stuff, since it takes place in the 1880s, somewhere in the American Southwest.

The Wild Wild West.

As for the cover above, you’ve seen everyone up there already. Spook, Silk, the bad guy and the Watchmaker, a.k.a. the German.

Unlike Locus, SNH will be updating one page a week, on Wednesdays. In black and white, not color…despite the cover you see on this page.

Locus was a great comic, but I couldn’t keep up with three full-color pages every week. It was getting in the way of the paying work, so I’ve gotta slow the free stuff down a little. Which gives me more time to fiddle with it.

I’m experimenting with a different style of writing for this one. A different pace. And I’m really gonna work on giving you guys better inks.

So, just like last time, this is gonna be an experiment. While it’s going on, I will be working on other comics. The first big comic is the one about Spook’s daughter. That one’s in the Top Secret file for now, but I might put some concept art up every now and then.

I will also be working on crossovers. I have SO MANY crossovers to do this year. Holy crap. Let’s see…

The first crossover will be with James Riot and Barry Linck, I’ll do another crossover with B. Alex Thompson, and still another with Raven Perez which we’re still working out.

And there’s still a little work left to do on the site, obviously. It’s going to require some more custom graphics, which I’ll put together as I get time. Kinda like last time. hahaha

All this on top of working my ass off and fixing up this awesome old house. This year is so much better than last year, and it’s almost half-gone already! Wow.

Thanks for stopping by! The bottom right corner of the image above segues into the first update, which will appear on Monday. See you then!

And if you need a comic update on SNH’s off days, Defender Zik updates Tuesday and Thursday, and he’s already got people getting vented into space over there! Vic writes and draws that, and because he has an eye for making movies, we talk a lot about camera angles and lowbrow, low-budget horror.

Oh, and leave a comment! Tell me what you think of the new digs.