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Oh look, it’s Eden. Back when she was just a girl!

Silk and Eden can enter each other’s dreams. They’re succubi, after all, and identical twins to boot. If you tuned into Sarturday Night Live last week, you got to see this page very early! And then you got to see me color a couple more pages of the Moondoggie comic created by Barry Linck. You also got to hear me have a lot of fun with my comic friends and Locus fans. I broadcast every Saturday at 10 p.m. Eastern, directly to my YouTube channel. I’ll be doing it again in a couple days! If you’re in the LFC, I send you an invite every week.

At any rate, stop by next week! We’ll learn something new about Silk. See you then!


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Yeah, this scene’s a little lean on the dialogue, and that doesn’t make once a week updates any more fun. Sorry about that, guys. If it’s any consolation, something cool is about to happen!

You guys remember a character from Locus named Eden, don’t you? Well…stop by next week!

TPB Update:

As of this writing (yesterday), the TPBs aren’t here yet, but should be here Friday. I’ve got a few sketches done (but not as many as I’d like) and should have the rest done very soon. Thanks again to everyone who ordered a copy!

I’m also hosting a weekly live Google+ Hangout where some friends and I sit around and work on our comics. These are broadcasted live every Saturday night at 10 p.m. Eastern, and posted to my YouTube channel, which you can see by clicking here. Check out last week’s broadcast! I color on Barry’s awesome Moondoggie fan comic! I will probably be doing the same this weekend. Stop on by if you’ve got some free time!


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That peak in the last panel is a real landmark of the American Southwest. Not too long before I started Locus, I was driving past Picacho Peak at least once a month on business trips. I always wanted to put it in a comic. So there you go!

Stop by next week! Silk’s all on her own in the brutal desert. No food, no water…not even a shirt to keep her from getting sunburned! As all of us do in our youth, she’s learning things the hard way.

And, if you missed it, I’m working on a script for a new Locus comic. The script for Slip ended up getting stalled by the fact that I was trying to sqeeze 20 years’ worth of stuff into a couple flashbacks, and just couldn’t get it to work right.

I make these comics because if I don’t get the story out of my head, it’ll drive me nuts till I do. And while Slip is gonna be a great story, Locus: Godslayer (LG) is the story I gotta get out of my head first. As of this writing, I have no idea how I will be distributing this new comic. Haven’t thought that far yet. I’ve got a head fulla script right now.

If you’re in my Locus Fans Circle (LFC) on Google+, you’ve already seen the cover mockup for LG. If not, hit my G+ page and tell me you want to get added to the LFC!

Why G+? It’s easier for me to show art fulla monsters & nekkid women there than it is on Facebook. There’s also the side benefit that everyone I show that art to is someone who specifically asked to be part of the circle that gets to see that artwork. No censorship bullshit! It’s great.

So there you go! See you next week!


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This is my submission to the Ninth Annual Valentine’s Day Sex Drive (VDSD), started by Stef over at sarahzero.com. The idea is that, once a year, you draw your comic characters nude. For some people that’s an Event; for me it’s Business As Usual.  Nonetheless, I thought you guys would dig a nice Silk pinup. This is, of course, young Silk as she appears in Silk & Honey.

Below is a list of all the other comics taking part in this year’s VDSD. If last year is any indication, there will be participants who won’t actually draw their characters nude. Personally, I feel that’s cheating. If you’re gonna get a free link for drawing your character nekkid, then you’d better draw your character nekkid!

I will check this list on the day this goes live and make notes accordingly. If you guys notice anyone in the list below cheating, let me know!

UPDATE: Comics which did not post nudes (according to the VDSD rules) have had their links removed. If I removed your link because I’m too stupid to find your VDSD art, please let me know! I’ll add it back happily. For those of you who cheated today to get a free link from me: shame on you. I’ve left your listing but removed your link. Consider yourself added to the VDSD HALL OF SHAAAAAAME.

With that said, there are some awesome people and some awesome comics linked below, and I hope you enjoy checking them out.

On another note: Today is the LAST DAY for the Limited Edition Locus TPB! As of this writing (which was 2 days ago), there are still 28 copies left. If I sell all 50, I will be giving away my favorite sketch of Locus. Click that link for more information.

And: if I sell all of them today, whomever orders the 50th copy will get this picture of Silk FREE. Both the original black & white art and a full-color print (both 8.5″x11″) will be included in the envelope of whomever orders copy #50. Tell your friends! Your enemies! Your Mom, even!

At the very least: stop by on Wednesday! Silk is still missing in the comic, and next week’s page will show where she went. Don’t miss it!

List of VDSD participants follows:


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Where’d Silk go? I mean, I knew she was up to something, but I didn’t know she could just disappear like that! Hmm….

Panel 3 of today’s page is a direct reference to this page from Locus. And, I believe, that is the last of the Silk & Honey references in Locus. I could be wrong, though. Let me know if I am.

Today is also the second-to-last day you can pick up a copy of the Limited Edition Locus TPB 1! There are still about 20 left, and tomorrow (the 14th) is the last day I will have this offer available. Thanks to everyone who has already ordered a copy! I will be getting everything together starting the 15th, and it shouldn’t take me longer than 30 days to get all the sketches drawn and comics signed and shipped out.

Tomorrow is the 14th, of course, and also Valentine’s Day. I will be taking part in the 9th Annual Valentine’s Day Sex Drive, hosted by Stef Marcinkowski who draws Sarah Zero. I will be posting a nice nude of Silk & Honey-era Silk right here tomorrow! So stop by again and check that out.

And stop by next week! Let’s see what happened to Silk.


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Silk is up to something. I just know it.

As for her dialogue, “Tell me…who is your master?” is meant more as “Tell me…who sent you?” Well, okay…literally it’s “speak who is the master of you”, but you get the idea. I will be taking liberties with the translation here and there.

In fact, Spook’s dialogue on the last page translates directly as: “I want no harm to you. Be thou a stone.” It’s an old language, and it’s ugly. When Spook speaks it, all you hear are the consonants. It’s all guttural and it sounds like he’s grunting and hissing before he’s gonna eat you. Seriously, it’s disturbing.

When Silk pronounces the language, on the other hand, it’s all flowery and pretty and Music To Your Ears. Especially when she’s using the Voice, which she’s been doing since the previous page.

And, believe it or not, her Voice isn’t why Spook’s decided to double-cross Hampstead. Can you figure out what happened to help him make this decision?  He’ll actually explain it a couple pages down the road, but for now it’s open to speculation. Speculate in the comment section below!

And speaking of…uh…comics…guess what? There are still 28 copies available of the Limited Edition Locus Trade Paperback One! Locus is available in print form, three issues to a TPB. And every single one of these come with a free sketch. And if I sell all 50 of them, someone’s gonna get my favorite sketch EVER of Locus. Click that link up there and check it out.

This limited edition TPB will only be for sale through February 14, which a week and a day from right now. So if you want one, grab one quick! For those who have already ordered: Thank You! I will be fulfilling orders starting on the 15th of February, so you’ve got a couple more weeks left until you get your comics. I’m hoping to have everything in the mail by the end of this month. I will keep you posted right here and probably via the Locus Fans Circle over on G+.


Stop by next week! Silk’s up to something. I just know it.


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I’m trying something new with this page: subtitles…movie-style. If it’s not too hard to follow, let me know and I’ll go back and subtitle the earlier pages where Spook first appeared.

This is the first time Spook and Silk have ever met, and this will be their first interaction. In the last panel, Silk is using her Succubus Voice, and if you click on that, you’ll see her first use of the Voice back in Locus #11. It’s a different font, but the same voice.

There you go! Stop by next week to see what Silk is up to, because if you can’t tell, she’s up to something.

Between now and then, check out the Locus Trade Paperback #1 Limited Edition sale! As of this writing, only about half of them have sold! I’m going to let this sale go on till all 50 are sold, or Valentine’s Day, whichever comes first. I would like to say that the first three issues of Locus make an excellent Valentine’s Day gift. I have no proof of that, but I like to say it anyway.


There are two ways to pronounce this language: the way the Succubi (and Incubi) pronounce it, and the way everyone else pronounces it.

Normally, it’s an ugly-sounding, gutteral language. You hear all the consonants but very few of the vowels. Kind of like how the vampires talked in the 30 Days of Night movie.  It’s ugly and creepy to listen to.

A succubus, on the other hand, will pronounce and enunciate all vowels in a way that is music to your ears…if you’ve only ever heard the gutteral version. Which is very much the case with Spook right now.

One of these days, I want to make an audio recording of the differences in pronunciation, but I need a girl to help with that. I’m still looking.


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And so The Gun takes its first victim. I think the Inaugural Bullet was used on the right guy, too.

There are two things I’d like to mention to you today:

First is the Limited Edition Locus Trade Paperback #1, which collects the first three issues of Locus. You can read about it by clicking here. I’m givin’ away free artwork! Check it out. As of this writing, over half of them are still available. I will probably end this offer the first week of February or so. More than one person has asked if it would still be available in early February because they get paid right around then. If you really want a copy but something’s standing in your way, let me know! I don’t want anyone to miss out.

Second is a thing my good friend Vic talked me into called” sARTurday Night Live”. This is a Google Hangout broadcasted live to Youtube. I will be inking next week’s Silk & Honey page live for that. If you’re interested in how Silk & Honey gets made, or if you’d like to see how inking with a brush works (it’s a lot of fun and everyone should do it!), please check it out! Click here for the details. If it’s popular, I might do something similar again!

If none of that interests you, that’s cool, too! Thanks for checking out this week’s page.

Stop by next week! Spook and Silk say their first words to each other. You don’t wanna miss that.


Ael exist in two places at once. Kinda like their body is here but their soul is on another plane. You can kill the body all you like, but they keep coming back.

In Locus, Spook had a bunch of Ael skulls on display at the lake house. Every last one of them had a bullet hole, because he can’t kill Ael without The Gun. No one can.

There’s a scene coming up that explains this and something else about the Ael that will be a surprise.


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Y’done fucked up now! Spook’s here.

This is a fun page to finally be able to draw. I’ve had it in my head ever since September of 2009, when I made this page. Back then, I didn’t have this full story written. I just had little scenes here and there. Little snippets.

This page and the one right after it is the snippet that was in my head when I drew that flashback panel of Silk.

If you haven’t already noticed, she’s in a box-type thing in the flashback, but a barn in the actual comic. There’s a reason for that!

Originally, I had her being kidnapped by a guy who had a traveling freakshow. Seemed to be a good way to transport a succubus through the Southwest in the 1880s. But then, one day, I was unpacking some comics and realized that I’d swiped that traveling freakshow idea from an old Jonah Hex comic.

So I had to change the set from a tiny box-like traveling cart to a barn.

And that’s your Locus trivia for today. Stop by next week! It’ll be a fun page. And thanks for reading this page! It only took me 3 years to get it to you.

Speaking of taking forever to get stuff to you…guess what’s finally on sale? If you said Locus Trade Paperback #1, you’re correct! To celebrate this momentous occasion, I’m autographing the first 50 copies, giving away 3D sketches, and possibly even my most Favorite Locus Sketch Ever. Click here and check it out.

I will be advertising this deal on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and THE WHOLE INTERNET tomorrow, but I wanted to give Silk & Honey readers first dibs on all the goodness.

And speaking of goodness, you should have some free music, too!

Go download Tomb of Stars by The Hedons! The whole album is 100% free, and not only features Hampstead on the cover, but there’s even a song called “Hampstead”. I’ll give you three guesses what that’s about.

Seriously. Grab that album. If the bass riff in Parasomnia isn’t the best bass riff you’ve heard in years, I’ll eat my hat.

Special thanks to The Hedons for making badass music and digging my comics enough to make a song about the bad guy! Thanks, boys! You guys are awesome.

And thanks to you Silk & Honey readers for reading my comics! Be here next week! Spook and Silk say their first words to one another.


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And here you thought Spook was gonna save the day, didn’t you? Well, stay tuned! Spook’s in this scene…he’s just masking his thoughts.

Also: this is absolutely the worst time for me to be posting this scene. As of this writing, there have been three big gang-rape stories in the news, and they’re all horrible.

The first one had to do with a girl and her fiancé on a train in India. Six men beat them both bloody, then raped the poor girl. She died. He might’ve died, too. I don’t recall.

The second instance was in Romania, where a number of young men (aged 14 to 20) gang-raped a 14-year old girl in the home of one of the young men. They filmed the whole thing.

The third instance is the worst: A high school football team here in the US who regularly drugged teenage girls and passed them around at parties finally got caught. What was worse was that their parents were in on it, covering up for them. One of their mothers happens to be the prosecuting attorney for that town. Other adults in positions of power (both at the high school and in local law enforcement!) who should damn well know better have been covering up for these kids for years, apparently. It’s fucked.

Rape is a terrible thing. It’s also an evolutionary strategy: passing on your genes where you normally wouldn’t be able to. And, unlike what that idiot Senator said last year, a woman’s reproductive system doesn’t shut down in cases of rape. On the contrary, women (on average) become slightly more fertile right after being raped.

It’s a terrible thing! It’s also an evolutionary strategy…but it’s an obsolete strategy. There are over seven billion people on the planet, and someone, somewhere, wants to have babies with you just the way you are. There’s no need to force yourself on someone! So knock it off.

Personally, I think rapists and their outdated strategies for reproduction should be bred out of the human population. That high school football team, that gang of Romanian teens, and the six men from the train in India should all be surgically castrated: cut their balls off. Plain and simple.

On a lighter note: I haven’t drawn this much chest hair since Kiss 4K! It’s more tedious than I remember.

Anyhow…tune in next week! This scene’s almost over, and Spook makes a good entrance. Remember: this is the first time Spook and Silk meet, and they both make an impression upon the other.

See you next Wednesday!