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The Watchmaker has a lot to say about Silk. She’s been on his mind ever since he shot her father, Arys. He will explain more as the scene progresses.

This is the gun-making scene, and it’ll go on for a couple more pages. Readers of Locus will understand. This gun is as much of a character as anyone else in the comic.

And speaking of readers, everyone say hello to the new readers who are discovering Silk & Honey for the first time this week!

I’ve entered three art contests in the last week. As of this writing, I’ve won the first one, got a great mention (but did not win) the second one, and have no idea how the third one’s going, because today is the first day of judging! As I’m typing this last night (from your point of view), I don’t have a link to the third one yet, so please see the comments below. I will post the link there.

The first contest was for my friends Eric and Rob over at Hatefarm. I won the Mistress Missy fan art contest! You can see my extremely NSFW artwork by clicking here.

The second contest was for a comic that Vic introduced me to, called Next Town Over. If you dig Silk & Honey, you will most certainly dig NTO! So go give it a read!  My artwork for NTO can be found on this page. Many thanks to Erin Mehlos and her kind words. And welcome NTO readers! I hope you dig SNH as much as you dig NTO. If not, thanks for checking it out!

The third contest can be viewed here, and my entry is the one labeled F.  You will have one week to cast your votes, and you only get to vote once. I would very much appreciate your vote! Top prize is $250, and that will get a lot of bills paid. But if you find another piece there that you like better, that’s cool, too!

Stop by next week! The Watchmaker explains why he’s so heart-broken.


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The big question here is: why? Why would the Watchmaker give his life to make Spook’s Gun? We’ll find out the answer next week! Stay tuned.

And did you know I’m also working on the script for the first issue of Slip?  The script, in fact, is pretty much done!

“What’s Slip?” you ask?

Slip is Spook and Silk’s daughter, of course! I’m working behind the scenes, drawing a lot of concept art. And I’m happy to say that the character design for Slip is finally done!

If you’d like to see a sneak-peek of Spook’s pride and joy, click here. It’ll cost you a dollar, but I guarantee it’ll be worth it.

Stay tuned for more sneak-peeks! And if you have a friend who would enjoy a webcomic full of cowboys and monsters, send ’em here! I need more readers.


I’ve never fully explained the Ael. I meant to! As with so many other things, it got lost in a rewrite back in the Locus days.

I will be explaining them in this comic, so stick around! I can’t give away all the surprises, but I can say two things:

1.  They do indeed physically change shape. It’s not just a mental trick.

2.  They weren’t made by Denvey, although we’ve met their creator already in Locus.

A scene full of explanation is coming up right after this scene ends! So stay tuned.


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The Watchmaker’s a smart man. What does he have in store for Spook?

Also: soundtrack for today’s page is this lovely tune. It doesn’t want to embed for some reason, so you’ll have to open it in another tab while you’re reading.


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And that’s the end of that guy.

Spook’s on the trail of the Watchmaker now. Things are about to get weird.  Stay tuned!


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At last! Spook’s entrance.

The Spook you guys know (from Locus) is the mild, relatively calm married man. The guy who’s been coached by Silk in the ways of etiquette and politeness. He was eating from a plate in Issue 4, for cryin’ out loud!

The Spook you’re gonna see in Silk & Honey is the original Spook. The monster Spook. The no-bullshit Spook.

Sit back and enjoy!


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This guy’s had enough. He just wants a quiet evening to go crazy thinking about Silk. But things already aren’t what they seem here.

You really do not want to miss next week’s page.


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If it’s unclear to you who this is, click back 2 pages.

Anyway: he can’t get Silk off his mind. That’s something we’ll be seeing a lot of in this comic.

Stay tuned! Something’s about to happen.


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And that’s it for the opening scene of our little Wild West movie in comic form!

“Vergib mir” means “forgive me” in German, so if you haven’t figured out that this guy is the German (aka the Watchmaker) by now, you should go back and reread from the beginning!

Special thanks to Chani Kynes for the translation! Check out Chani’s comic here. She is also the artist behind the Greatest Picture On The Internet, which you can view here. I’m referring, of course, to the last panel, which is genius.

If you leave her a comment, tell her I sent ya!

And stop by next week! Now that the first scene’s done, we can get down to business.


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Special thanks to good friend and fellow comic-monkey Victor Couwenbergh! He’s the guy hosting this comic, if you’ll recall, and he spent a good part of yesterday morning getting everything back online after some script kiddies made a mess. If you missed yesterday’s Zik page, click on the Zik icon over on the right and check it out! Thanks again, Vic!

And my other good friend Raven Perez joined me for a Skype call the other day and picked my brain about Locus, SNH, the new comic about Spook’s daughter (he even let slip the name of the comic) and a bunch of other things. I spill the beans about a lot of Locus-related stuff.

Not to mention all the Spook-related and even the Moondoggie-related stuff!

We posted it over on YouTube, so check it out! It’s our first, and it’s very informal. And Raven cuts out at times, which I think is entirely the fault of my bandwidth.

Nonetheless, give it a listen if you’ve got nothin’ better to do.

And stop by next week! The last page of this opening scene will go up next week.

Every scene after that will have Spook in it. Woo hoo!


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So, barely-out-of-her-teens Silk (in succubus years, of course) is all by herself in the middle of the desert, being menaced by an Ael that can take on human form.

When is Spook gonna show up and save her in the nick of time?!? Who writes this shit?  Jeez.

Speaking of “nick of time”, I found out a short time ago that this is the 25th year of Barry Linck’s Phineus! Barry’s awesome, and so is his comic.  I told you I’m working on a 3-way crossover with Barry and James Riot, didn’t I? Well, I am. Barry’s intro story is already up! I’m working on mine as I get time. Which means I haven’t started yet. haha

And I’m out of time! Stop by next week! This scene is almost over.