Ah, Hampstead. Always late to the party. He didn’t really show up to talk to Locus till Issue 11! He did, however, make Isaac’s life crazy as early as Issue 5.

Well, this is page 46, which means it’s also week 46…which means it took over 10 months for Hampstead to show up for a scene in this movie.

But now that he’s here, Silk & Spook better watch out!

TPB update!!!!!!

The customs forms finally arrived! I’m filling them out this week. Which means I’m one step closer to mailing these things finally! Jeez. You’re the worst at mailing custom comics, Adam Black! It’s almost as if you’ve never done this before! You suck. hahaha

In all seriousness: expect an email sometime today if you’re one of the nice people who are STILL WAITING FOR COMICS. I will explain things in depth.

For the rest of you: stop by next week! It’s time for HAMPSTEAAAAAAAAAAAADDDD!