He’s right, you know: the Arizona sun will burn the hell out of you! Especially if you’re a topless succubus with fair skin.

Spook’s not real fond of the sun, either. Probably because his world has no sun.

So is she gonna run away again? I hope not. That would be monotonous. So what’s Silk going to do?

You should stop by next week and see!

Trade Paperback 1 Limited Edition Update:

All sketches are done! All comics are packed up and ready to ship! As of this writing (Sunday the 24th), I’m still waiting on Customs Forms from the Post Office. I’m expecting those this week. Once I get them, I should be able to start shipping comics! Thanks again for your patience. This is my very first big Mass Mailing/Comic Promotion, and it’s taking a little longer than I expected. But I’ve learned plenty of important lessons so far. Next time should be quicker and easier!