As of this writing, I am BUSY AS HELL. Ridiculously busy. I almost didn’t make this deadline. In fact, I inked this page in about 90 minutes, so if panel 2 makes no sense, I apologize.

In panel 2, the camera zooms in and we see the three critters Hampstead’s carting around in his covered wagon. Two of these critters we’ve seen before (one we know by name), but the one in the cage is brand new. Stay tuned!

TPB Update:

This Saturday, I swear. I will be shipping out (at the least) all the US orders. I wanna ship out the international orders, too, but that might be too much for the local post office. They’re not a friendly or cooperative bunch down there, so I may have to do this in batches. We’ll see.

Sorry again for the wait! Wait’s almost over!

Gotta get back to the BUSY now. I’ll answer comments later today or tomorrow! Thanks again for reading!