THE END! Thanks for reading! I hope you liked it and I hope it answered some questions for you about Silk, Spook, Hampstead, Sorrow, The Gun, and all that jazz.

Silk & Honey was meant to give me a break after the grueling MWF (full-color!) schedule I was keeping with Locus. It was only meant to run for one year, but ended up running for two. Mainly due to story concerns, but I gotta say I appreciated the extra year to get some outside work done and pay off some bills.

But now I’m all ready to get back to Locus, and I’m sure you are, too. Locus: Godslayer will begin next Tuesday (the 24th) and run on a Tuesday/Thursday schedule for three years. In total, there will be 12 issues and (as with all my comics) will have a beginning, middle and end.

It’s the tightest script I’ve written so far, and the art (especially the layout) will be different than what you’re used to from me. This is because I finally have a scanner that scans 11″x17″ art. All this time I’ve been scanning my art in pieces and stitching it together in Photoshop. This is (one of the reasons) why Locus had that 4-panel widescreen layout and Silk & Honey was largely a 3-panel layout. Now that I have a scanner as big as my art, I can do some full-page spreads, and even two-page spreads! The first two-page spread will be in LG issue 1 and I can’t wait to show it to you guys. It’s a neat shot. You’ll dig it.

One other thing I’m working on with LG is something I’ve always needed to work on: monetizing all this work! While I appreciate everyone’s generous donations (and especially all the collectors who buy the original art!), I made so little money on Locus that a lot of the last two years have been spent paying off a lot of overdue bills and debts.

But now we’ve got Kickstarter and Patreon…although I’m not going to use either. Kickstarter takes 20% off the top, and gives you absolutely no guarantee that you’ll ever get what you pay for. Patreon is a little different. It’s more of an online tip jar. But they take 5% off the top…and that’s after PayPal fees.

Quick question: do you guys really want, need, or otherwise feel secure with Kickstarter or Patreon middlemannin’ my next comic? I somehow doubt you do. I can offer everything they do, but do it myself.

Well…not totally myself!

Super Webman Vic has been busy setting up the new LG site, and it’s got a great members’ area. I’m gonna put together Patreon-like tiers and Kickstarter-like stretch goals, but I’m going to do it all in-house (so to speak).

I’ll have more information for you on Tuesday! Until then, thanks again for reading Silk & Honey! It was a lot of fun to make a Cowboys & Monsters Western Movie and it was lots of fun to read the comments.

Stay tuned for the Silk & Honey black & white trade paperback!  And I’ll see you Tuesday over on the new LG site!


nonLethal asked: Is Spook/Silk’s kid (whose name escapes me at the moment…) count as a Lili’tu (being half-succubus) and as such can draw/wield either of The Swords, or does she count as something else entirely?

Adam answered: 0. Her name is Slip. Spook named her for a very specific reason, which I’ll go into when she gets her own comic (once LG is done).
1. Yes, technically she’s lili’tu, as lili’tu is “half-succubus”. Usually that also implies “half-human”, but it’s not a concrete requirement.
(now it might start to be obvious why she’s named “Slip”)
2. She can’t draw the sword because she’s not half-human. Locus’ human half lets her draw the sword, but it’s her succubus half that keeps her human half from dying instantly when that happens. Make sense?
3. She is very much “something else entirely”, and once her comic gets rollin’, we’ll go into that a little more.
Bonus fun fact: I was going to draw Slip first (if you guys recall), but I’m waiting till LG is done because Slip takes place 20 years from now, and I’ve got more Future Worldbuilding to do. Stay tuned!