I originally drew this to be the cover to Chapter 2. Once I was done with it, I stumbled across the sketches that I had done for yesterday’s art. I’d totally forgotten that I’d already designed the cover to Chapter 2! So this is kinda-sorta the alternate cover.

I guess. I dunno. I’m losing my mind, I think. hahaha

At any rate: I hope you dig it! It was a lot of fun to draw.

Updates will resume as normal now, so stop by again on Wednesday for the first page of the new chapter! We’ll be catching up with Silk and Spook again, and then things will get pretty weird. Many things will be explained: Hampstead’s boots, why Spook loves Silk, what a sphinx really is, that curse Eden and Silk were talking about, Sorrow’s odd question to Hampstead a couple pages ago…many things!

See you then!