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Thanks again for reading Silk & Honey! Now it’s time for Locus: Godslayer!

LG is a subscription-only comic, unlike everything I’ve done so far. People kept saying to me, “why are you still giving your comics away for free?” and I didn’t have an answer for them. Because they’re right.  With all the Kickstarting and crowdfunding and Patreoning going on nowadays, I had no reason to keep doing things the way I’d been doing them.

So I looked into Patreon, but they’ve got some weirdness going on for anything flagged NSFW, which is a label LG will definitely get stuck with over there. Two days ago, the founders of Patreon had a video chat with anyone with a Patreon account. I have one, so I stopped in to hear what was going on. I joined up at the exact moment they were admitting a number of problems with content tagged NSFW. Then they promised they’d make that their top priority in the future. Lots of “ums” and “ers” and repeated promises to look into it seriously.

I have nothing against Patreon. I wish them the best. But I’m never putting Locus through that again. Ever.

I’m told that NSFW artists keep the NSFW behind the Patron paywall, which essentially makes it a subscription service that Patreon takes 5% of.

Which is okay…but…

Then one day Vic tells me, “I can make you a site that will do everything a Patreon site will do.”

And he did! And I hope you check it out.

See, I’ve gotten a lot of emails (and especially comments from donators) from Locus Year Three on through Silk & Honey asking me if there was another way they could help fund current and future comics, and this gorgeous site Vic put together is the way to do that.

Give it a look! Let me know what you think.

And thanks again for reading my Cowboys & Monsters comic!



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THE END! Thanks for reading! I hope you liked it and I hope it answered some questions for you about Silk, Spook, Hampstead, Sorrow, The Gun, and all that jazz.

Silk & Honey was meant to give me a break after the grueling MWF (full-color!) schedule I was keeping with Locus. It was only meant to run for one year, but ended up running for two. Mainly due to story concerns, but I gotta say I appreciated the extra year to get some outside work done and pay off some bills.

But now I’m all ready to get back to Locus, and I’m sure you are, too. Locus: Godslayer will begin next Tuesday (the 24th) and run on a Tuesday/Thursday schedule for three years. In total, there will be 12 issues and (as with all my comics) will have a beginning, middle and end.

It’s the tightest script I’ve written so far, and the art (especially the layout) will be different than what you’re used to from me. This is because I finally have a scanner that scans 11″x17″ art. All this time I’ve been scanning my art in pieces and stitching it together in Photoshop. This is (one of the reasons) why Locus had that 4-panel widescreen layout and Silk & Honey was largely a 3-panel layout. Now that I have a scanner as big as my art, I can do some full-page spreads, and even two-page spreads! The first two-page spread will be in LG issue 1 and I can’t wait to show it to you guys. It’s a neat shot. You’ll dig it.

One other thing I’m working on with LG is something I’ve always needed to work on: monetizing all this work! While I appreciate everyone’s generous donations (and especially all the collectors who buy the original art!), I made so little money on Locus that a lot of the last two years have been spent paying off a lot of overdue bills and debts.

But now we’ve got Kickstarter and Patreon…although I’m not going to use either. Kickstarter takes 20% off the top, and gives you absolutely no guarantee that you’ll ever get what you pay for. Patreon is a little different. It’s more of an online tip jar. But they take 5% off the top…and that’s after PayPal fees.

Quick question: do you guys really want, need, or otherwise feel secure with Kickstarter or Patreon middlemannin’ my next comic? I somehow doubt you do. I can offer everything they do, but do it myself.

Well…not totally myself!

Super Webman Vic has been busy setting up the new LG site, and it’s got a great members’ area. I’m gonna put together Patreon-like tiers and Kickstarter-like stretch goals, but I’m going to do it all in-house (so to speak).

I’ll have more information for you on Tuesday! Until then, thanks again for reading Silk & Honey! It was a lot of fun to make a Cowboys & Monsters Western Movie and it was lots of fun to read the comments.

Stay tuned for the Silk & Honey black & white trade paperback!  And I’ll see you Tuesday over on the new LG site!


nonLethal asked: Is Spook/Silk’s kid (whose name escapes me at the moment…) count as a Lili’tu (being half-succubus) and as such can draw/wield either of The Swords, or does she count as something else entirely?

Adam answered: 0. Her name is Slip. Spook named her for a very specific reason, which I’ll go into when she gets her own comic (once LG is done).
1. Yes, technically she’s lili’tu, as lili’tu is “half-succubus”. Usually that also implies “half-human”, but it’s not a concrete requirement.
(now it might start to be obvious why she’s named “Slip”)
2. She can’t draw the sword because she’s not half-human. Locus’ human half lets her draw the sword, but it’s her succubus half that keeps her human half from dying instantly when that happens. Make sense?
3. She is very much “something else entirely”, and once her comic gets rollin’, we’ll go into that a little more.
Bonus fun fact: I was going to draw Slip first (if you guys recall), but I’m waiting till LG is done because Slip takes place 20 years from now, and I’ve got more Future Worldbuilding to do. Stay tuned!


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This is probably the only time you’ll fully see Spook’s eyes like that. I gotta say I’ve never seen him raise that forehead up that far before. Must’ve been a good kiss.

Next page! Last page! And then…let’s do some Godslayer.


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And there it is, finally! The Kiss. The REAL Kiss, not the Dream Kiss from earlier.

Not much left here! Only two more pages. One on the 11th and the last on the 18th.

After that, starting on 24 June, I will finally be starting up Locus: Godslayer! I’m terribly excited to finally get LG off the ground. I was gonna do it last year, but the LG script kept battling back and forth with the script to Slip, which is the comic about Spook and Silk’s daughter (if you’ll recall).

Slip makes a cameo or two in LG, by the way. She’s a year old at the time LG takes place. Other old friends will be there, too! Spook, Silk, John Dee, Isaac, Eden, the Mud People, and someone I’m sure I’m forgetting.

Anyway: stay tuned!


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Silk does a lot of growing up on this page, and it was fun to draw that. It’s also good practice, as Locus will be having similar moments here very soon.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Patreon last week! I was gonna set up a Patreon thing for Godslayer, but Vic (creator of Zik and the cyberstud who makes all these Locus Comics websites possible!) said to me, “You know, I can do all this Patreon stuff right here with WordPress plugins.”

And he did! It’s pretty cool, really. I can offer all the things Patreon offers, and I can throw the 5% that Patreon takes off the top into advertising instead. Thanks, Vic!

At any rate: stop by next week! It’s the page you’ve all been waiting for…you just didn’t realize you were waiting for it.

Or something.

And we’ll talk more about Godslayer, too!


After Wendy asked about Moondogie:

Moondoggie is actually the creation of my friend Hambone, who did some surfing Back In The Day. When the character needed a name, I asked him what would be the most common surfer name he could imagine, and Moondoggie was the best candidate.

There was a guy named Moondoggie in those old Annette Funicello surf party movies, and that name spread around to the point where there’s an anime character named Moondoggie somewhere.

As for her hand, I think the odd index finger might be throwing the rest outta whack. I probably could’ve slowed down the inking a bit, too. 🙂


After Thomas remarked on wing anatomy:

Oddly enough, thinking it through is kinda what stalled this comic for almost 20 years. I drew the succubi anatomy and spent a year trying to figure out how to put a shirt on her or otherwise cover her breasts. I couldn’t figure out a way to do it that didn’t look fake but did look good, and put the whole story on the shelf. I switched to part-time RPG illustration work for a couple years.

The succubus design got snuck into the Midnight Realm, which is a Talislanta RPG book:


It’s free! Check it out. It describes what the place in issue 20 looked like billions of years ago.

Midnight Realm was a good place to practice the succubus/incubus designs.

Fun news for Tal fans: I’ll be illustrating a new Tal book soon! Stay tuned!


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Isn’t this the comic where Spook and Silk fall in love and get married and live happily ever after?

Partly. They don’t all happen at once. I’m pretty sure the first part’s done already. The “fallin’ in love” part, I mean.

Four pages left! Something I’ve wanted to draw since forever. Stay tuned!

Let’s start talking about Locus: Godslayer. There are a lot of comic artists using Patreon to fund their comics. What do you guys think about that?


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Hmm.  Well, then. I can’t say much, except: you guys keep this scene in mind when the next comic gets started later this summer. Okay? Okay.

Also: I’m sure you’ve heard, but H.R. Giger passed away yesterday. I love his artwork, especially when I was young and impressionable. He’s inspired me for decades. Three, in fact!

Back in 1981, I was 11 years old, laying on my stomach in my sleeping bag on the living room floor, chin in hands, eagerly watching (absorbing, rather) HBO because it was late at night, the parents were asleep, and Alien was on.

Ridley Scott gave us a wonderful Haunted House In Space movie, and Giger supplied the nightmares. After years and years of cheesy rubber monster suits,  Giger gave us a real, terrifying monster! Alien would stand alone (for me, at least) as the pinnacle of sci-fi horror until 1998-ish, when I first saw Event Horizon.

So here’s to Giger! Thank you for all the weird and original stuff.

Stop by next week! I’m giving the last five pages to Silk and Spook.

And then we’ll get crackin’ on Godslayer.


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Please don’t think poorly on Silk here. She’s dead tired, mildly delirious, and well…put yourself in her shoes for the last 14 pages and you’ll see why she might be making a bad last-minute decision here.

This little faux pas is further explained in the next comic, so stay tuned for that.

So we’re down to just six pages! As much fun as I’ve had working on Silk & Honey, I’m glad the story’s wrapping up. I’m excited to throw some Locus: Godslayer at you guys. You know, I just call it LG for short here in the Studio of Love (and this comic is SNH), so…I’m gonna do that online, too.

Anyway, stop by next week! Something happens, but not quite what you’re thinkin’.


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A touching family reunion, and hey! There is Silk & Eden’s Mom. The twins got their hair color from their mother, but their curls from their Dad.

Everyone looks so happy! What could possibly go wrong?


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Ah, girl-tossing. One of Spook’s lesser known skills.

I am currently in the crunch to not only finish up the last 8 pages of Silk & Honey, but I’m also writing and plotting furiously for Locus: Godslayer and the upcoming Spook & Moondoggie comic. As such, I don’t have a lot of time for Facebook or G+…hell, I barely have enough time to answer comments lately! Jeez.

Nonetheless, please leave a comment if you’re so inclined! In fact: let me know what weird end-of-story twist you think I’m gonna pull out of my hat! 🙂

Because there is one. And it’s coming up very, very soon. Stay tuned!

In other news: you guys know I’m coloring DJ’s new comic, right? Did I mention that yet? I’m not always mindful of my self-promotional (or promoting others!) duties. At any rate, check it out! It’s a fun story. I’ve seen the whole first issue and read the synopsis for the rest of the (limited) series, and it’s good stuff. You’ll dig it, for sure. Give it a look!

And, as always, give my Iron Tiger buddies a look! Raven’s wrapping up his Endale story, which started before Locus was even over! That was over two years ago…hmm…you know, I gotta say:

I didn’t mean to take so long to get back to Locus. Sorry, guys. I needed to get away from it for awhile, and then I ended up swamped with other stuff.

But it’s on its way! And it’s a good story. Best one I’ve written yet. Stick around! I’ll show you. 🙂


I’m excited, too! I’ll get to tell the story of how Spook and Moondoggie met, plus I’ll get to show you guys what happens to Locus now that she’s got both swords. There are not one, not two, but FIVE GODS in Locus: Godslayer.

(counting a couple brief scenes with Eden, that is)

After those stories are over (both comics will run for three years), I’ll get to work on Slip, which is the comic about Spook and Silk’s daughter, as well as what the world might be like 20 years from now.

After that…who knows? I’ve always wanted to make a comic about Dee’s early days. He is, after all, one of the first Necromancers. Before that, he was one of the first human vampires, and before that, the first Lili’tu! Dude’s been busy all his life.

I also wanna make a comic about Isaac and Eden exploring the Realms of the Dead. Might do that, too.

Stay tuned!